Artep, Incorporated is a high technology small business with a broad range of experience in supporting experimental groups at universities, large scale research institutions and the military.

For over 30 years Artep has produced instruments for space and for laboratory research. The instruments for space research were launched on satellites, space shuttle flights, and sounding rockets, while the instruments for laboratory studies where used on some of the largest laser facilities in the US and in Europe.


About Artep

Artep Incorporated, was founded in 1987 to support specialized scientific needs by civilian and military research facilities.

Over the years the Artep team of scientists and engineers provided an array of products and services to NASA, the Naval Research Laboratory, the U.S. Air Force, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Sandia and public universities around the country and abroad.

Instruments designed by Artep have flown successfully on more than 15 launch vehicles and have been fielded in many laboratory experiments.

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