Sounding Rockets Support



Artep, Incorporated, has produced space flight instruments for satellites, space shuttles, sounding rockets and research laboratories for over 25 years.

Artep specializes in supporting scientific projects ranging from
small experimenter groups to large-scale research institutions and the military.

Artep will design, fabricate, test, and integrate our custom hardware.

Artep provides complete support in all key project areas, including:

  • Software Design
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Materials Selection
  • Optical Design


Artep, Incorporated, has developed custom electronics for interfacing research instruments to the WFF93 Telemetry Multiplexer hardware.

The most recent electronic boards were developed for two sounding rockets:
a Virginia Tech rocket that flew in February, 2011, from Poker Flat, Alaska, and a Naval Research Laboratory rocket scheduled to fly in April, 2012, from White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico.

The electronics card stack is housed in a robust, accessible mechanical design with conduction-cooled aluminum slices and an interlocking design for simple board replacement. Each slice houses a single card with up to 111 I/O pins available for interfacing to other boards, the payload or TM hardware.

Microcontroller Board

ATMEL AT89C51ED2 Family Microcontroller (-40C to +85C).
64KB Internal Flash Memory.
26-Bit I/O Ports, Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI).
Isolated RS-422 Command Link to TM, Umbilical Interfaces.
Digital Inputs and Outputs to TM for Status and Control.
CMOS Design < 1 WATT.
On Board Hi Rel DC/DC Power Converter.

ADC BoardADC Board

12-Bit, 8-Channel Differential Input, A to D Converter.
Programmable Gain Precision Voltage Reference and Clock on Chip.
16 Multiplexed, Differential Analog Inputs 16 Multiplexed, Precision Thermistor Inputs. Precision Current Reference. SPI Interface to Microcontroller. Optional Power Converter for Standalone Operation.


Power Converter Board Features
Custom Power Converter Design for Low Noise Systems.
18V to 50V Input Range.
Nominal 650KHz Switching Frequency, Inhibit Function.
Soft-start 250mV Worst-case Overshoot.
Input Transient Protection.
Indefinite Short Circuit Protection, Undervoltage Lockout.
Standard and Custom Output Voltages to 36V DC.
Precision Current Monitors Utilizing Kelvin Resistors.
Designs Meet Relevant EMI Specifications..

High Speed Camera IF board


Other Recently Designed Boards
– Vacuum Gauge
– High Speed, Parallel Deck Interfaces
– Camera Link Interface Board
– Stepper Motor Driver Board
– Mixed Monitor TM Interface Board

– Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS)
– Custom Payload Control
– End to End Testing and Verification
– Custom GUIís
– C, C++, Labview, Assembly

GSE ComputersGround Support Equipment (GSE)
– Fully Integrated, Real-Time GSE
– Custom TM Simulator for Payload Development
– Camera and Sensor Simulators
– Real-Time Payload Commanding
– Real-Time Data Acquisition, Archiving, Display

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